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COVID Protectors: Rollerscreens & Hangerscreens

With social distancing in place and the country under lock down, essential businesses have a duty of care to put into place steps to protect their staff from catching Covid-19. The Rollerscreen and Hangerscreen provides that extra protection to help control the virus and provide some additional reassurance for customers as well as staff.

In the coming weeks businesses and commercial premises are hoping to return to the workplace so now is the perfect opportunity to put these measures in place for peace of mind for your staff and customers.

These screens are ideal for environments such as hardware stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, takeaways, schools and reception areas.



This lightweight system is simple to install, you do not need any specialist fitting skills to fit, in  fact with two people, a drill and a couple of screws you can have this screen up in 10 minutes.

It can be made to measure to suit your requirements or pre-set sizes and is very simple to clean.

Made from a clear plastic film and plastic components you can easily sanitise the system with a mixture of mild detergent diluted with water – just make sure you absolutely dry the screens before rolling up.

Options to consider: Rollerscreen can be supplied with a variety of control options including; chain or crank.



Hangerscreen requires no drilling or installation skills and can be easily fixed to false or lowered ceilings.

In a matter of seconds, Hangerscreen can be attached by magnets or sticky pads and will naturally hang from the wire guiding with the weight of the bottom bar keeping the screen taut and in place. The wire side guides offer a barely-noticeable solution making for a stylish and neat safety feature.

The Hangerscreen is simple to clean as it is made from a clear plastic film and plastic components which are easy to clean and sanitise with a mixture of mild detergent diluted with water.

Hangerscreen can also be made to measure to suit your requirements or pre-set sizes.




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    Child Safety Warning

    Young children can strangle in the loop of the pull cords, chains & tapes, and cords that operate window coverings. They can also wrap cords around their necks.

    To avoid strangulation and entanglement, keep cords out of reach of young children. Move beds, cots and furniture away from window covering cords.

    Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist to create a loop.

    Click the link below for more information on sunblind child safety, and to find out what solutions we can offer to help avoid this problem.

    Sunblind Child Safety Information